In Argentina tradition mingles beautifully with innovation, culture and nature, and the charm of the people is matched only by the magic of the surroundings. Culinary and wine tours are more than just sensual feasts; they expose you to culture and elevate travel experiences to their most unique and luxuriant.

Each of our 8-day/8-night tours will introduce you to the great vintners and chefs of the nation. Both itineraries includes 4 days/nights exploring the old-world elegance of Buenos Aires. You may decide whether you would like your second destination to focus primarily on wine, or on nature and exploration.  On the winery-intensive tour we pair Buenos Aires with 4 days/nights in the rolling wine country of Mendoza.  On the exploration-intensive tour, we travel south to San Carlos de Bariloche, for 4 days/nights exploring the star of Patagonia. Both trips celebrate the Argentine way of life, offering immersion in the culture and traditions of this charismatic country.

Both trips will run in November 2019.  We will confirm rates and final itineraries by end of 2018.

“There were so many meals where you swear this was the greatest one you have ever had in your life; but one after another, after another and in the most beautiful of restaurants.  From the very first meal at a gorgeous historic downtown Buenos Aires hotel to the last at a chic and rustic lunch spot, it felt like every meal was memorable.  Chef Ricardo was able to construct a glimpse into the cornerstone of Argentine life through his selections of restaurants and dishes where you begin to feel like you are a part of the bigger story you might miss when visiting another country and culture without such a guide.” — Lara Jane, Virginia

Highlights from Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Often called the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires showcases an alluring blend of European and Latin American culture. Photo, Architectural Digest

Arriving in Buenos Aires, we will enjoy boutique accommodations at hotel Mio Buenos Aires. Known for the blend of daring architectural design, meticulous service and state-of-the-art technology, Mio Buenos Aires stands out as a fusion of luxury, high-tech functionality and pleasure.

After settling into our rooms, guests are invited to stroll the hotel grounds or enjoy an afternoon of leisure and relaxation. From the tiniest detail in each room to the luxury spa, at Mio Buenos Aires every effort is dedicated to comfort and intimacy. Previous guests have described it as “just like home” but with impeccable hotel service.

“Our trip to Argentina was the best two-week vacation of our lives. Ricardo and Suzanne were fabulous hosts. Patagonia is a must four-day visit. The glacier lakes, waterfalls and national park hike were fabulous. The Llao Llao resort in Bariloche is a 5 star+. A week in Buenos Aires is a foodie paradise!” — Dora & Chuck, Florida

Argentine cuisine is heavily influenced by its European roots. For our first dinner, we will enjoy the Italian flavors of Marcelo at Puerto Madero. Owner Marcelo Piegari describes his menu as traditional Italian that pays homage to the gastronomy of Buenos Aires. His respect for the relationship between food and culture shaped every element of Marcelo from the dining aesthetic to the use of local ingredients.

Marcelo restaurant in Buenos Aires

Exquisite food and atmosphere. Photo,

After a private city tour in the afternoon, we will journey southward, walking along the old-stoned streets of San Telmo’s “tango” neighborhood.

Dancers from Rojo Tango, Buenos Aires


Continuing our celebration of the birthplace of tango, we’ll dine at the famed five-star Faena Hotel. Our three course dinner will also include wine, champagne and an intimate performance from Rojo Tango. Love. Passion. Madness. Glamour. Rojo Tango presents a modern approach to traditional tango that is both irresistible and entertaining.

To cap off our final day of touring in Buenos Aires, we will dine together at La Brigada, Argentina’s star steakhouse, where we’ll enjoy the best local meats accompanied by the finest wines.

Highlights from Mendoza

Vineyards near Tupungato, Mendoza Province, Argentina below snow covered Andes Mountains

Snow-covered Andes Mountains and vineyards, near Tupungato, Mendoza Province, Argentina. Photo,

Most viticulture in Argentina takes place in the foothills of the Andes, and most famously in Mendoza, where desert landscapes and high altitudes combine to make a terroir that gives rise to aromatic, intensely flavored red wines.

Upon arrival, we’ll enjoy a private transfer from the airport to the Park Hyatt Hotel in downtown Mendoza. With its beautifully restored 19th-century Spanish colonial facade, this five star hotel is nothing short of spectacular. Many of the rooms have stunning views of the Andes Mountains. The hotel is also home to a casino and luxury spa. Situated in one of the greatest wine capitals of the world, Mendoza is the perfect basecamp to explore all the sights and flavors of the foothills and high plains of Argentina.

Park Hyatt hotel, Mendoza

Park Hyatt Mendoza. Photo,

We’ll enjoy dinner at Bistro M, where celebrated chef Federico Ziegler carefully oversees both the menu and the 2,800 bottle wine cellar—representing 49 Argentinean wineries and 316 labels. The menu combines the best international kitchen with Argentinean delights such as lamb, goat and beef, served alongside homemade pastas.

“Not only was Argentina a fabulous country and the food and wine outstanding, but traveling with Chef and Suzanne was having 24 hour tour guides with a deep knowledge and appreciation for the country.  You won’t find that level of service anywhere else.”  — Susan and David, North Carolina

Wine grapes of Mendoza

From zesty reds to crisp whites, the wine grapes of Mendoza produce a distinctly Argentine terroir. Photo, Bodega Catena Zapata

While in Mendoza, we will tour eight wineries–including Cruzat, a winery built in a modern style and equipped with the latest technology available in the world of sparkling wines–and enjoy private tastings and luncheons. Under the watchful eye of Argentine winemaker, Pedro Rosell, Cruzat sparkling wines reflect a permanent search for excellence. After our tasting, guests will enjoy a private session of bottling and labeling their own sparkling wine.

Highlights from San Carlos de Bariloche

We will fly to Bariloche (the jewel of Patagonia) to stay at the five-star Alma del Lago Suites & Spa hotel on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi, within walking distance of downtown.


Highlights from San Martin de los Andes

While in Bariloche, we will enjoy a private sailing tour with gourmet lunch on-board. This excursion goes along the Brazo Tristeza, the most remote and least visited branch of the Lake Nuhuel Huapi.

Brazo Tristeza


The captain will navigate through the sound, surrounded by mountains and waterfalls. Once we reach the end of the lake, we will enjoy a short hike through the forest among the trees that inspired Disney animators to create Bambi’s forest. The trail climbs to a group of waterfalls on the Frey River.

We will enjoy a full-day tour down the famous Road of the Seven Lakes route winding through the Andes region. Known world-wide for its matchless beauty, panoramic views of lakes and rivers, natural beauty and quaint small villages, this trek is hailed as a “must see” for Patagonian nature.

“The trip was magnificent. The week in Buenos Aires was a wonderful experience. The food, wine and camaraderie were so much fun! The restaurants were all first class and a nice mixture of varying ambiance and food—a read treat for foodies! In Bariloche the boat trip—awesome! Iguazu Falls was also magnificent and both of these locations without a doubt should again be offered to your future groups.” – Jan & Bob, North Carolina

Waterfalls at Villa La Angostura

Waterfalls at Villa La Angostura. Photo,

Our route is dotted with small villages while curving around the north park of the Nahuel Huapi lake.

As if born from the pages of a fairy tale, Villa La Angostura is rich with architecture and quaint shops and hospitality. It is surrounded by ancient forests, rivers and lakes, making it the ideal site for a rest.

We will enjoy a leisurely lunch in the city of San Martin de los Andes. It’s known as a gateway to the forested Lanín National Park, home to the Lanín Volcano and diverse wildlife including guanacos and pumas. The town lies on the banks of Lake Lácar, one of the park’s many glacial lakes.

“We had a wonderful time traveling around Argentina with Chef Ricardo and Suzanne Fernandez. The culinary and wine experiences were excellent and the small group made it so much more personal. This is a culture we knew pretty much nothing about but our trip provided a lot of history which we appreciated.” – Elena and Gary, South Carolina

Explore some of our favorite moments featured in the 2015 and 2016 photo gallery. For more information about Culinary & Wine Tours Argentina, contact Chef Ricardo LLC c/o Chef Ricardo Fernandez Battini at or 828.627.6751