Experience the finest culinary and wine travel in Argentina – a nation of poets and patriots, cowboys and dancers. In a land dotted with brilliant landscapes, tantalizing aromas, elegance, and world-class wines, we’ve redefined the notion of “getting away from it all” by creating the trip of a lifetime.  Whether you’re lured by the romance of winemaking, cosmopolitan city life, or the natural beauty of Patagonia, we have the perfect itinerary for you.

Ricardo & Suzanne Fernandez

Chef Ricardo & Suzanne Fernandez

Argentina Culinary & Wine Tours is owned and operated by Chef Ricardo Fernandez Battini and his wife, Suzanne through their company Chef Ricardo, LLC, licensed in North Carolina. Privately escorted tours are carefully curated to ensure guests have an immersive first-class experience.

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“Terrific tour!! Led by people who know the territories: geography, good food, fine wines and their sources. Met some wonderful people who share the above treasures. Argentina was wonderful and the accommodations were first class.” —Karl, Oregon

For more information about Culinary & Wine Tours Argentina, contact Chef Ricardo LLC c/o Chef Ricardo Fernandez Battini at or 828.492.4073.